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Integrate with Ag-Analytics™ to Push Soil Profile!

View our custom Ag-analytics™ data in the John Deere Operations Center . Connect now to the John Deere Operations Center and we will push your farms unique soil profile back to your John Deere Operations Center for Free!

Integrate with Operations Center!


Ever wonder what type of soil your field has on it? Well wonder no longer! Our FarmScope™ lets you find your fields on a map and view soil data, precipitation data and more! Sign up for an account, so you can save your fields for next time as well.

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Connecting Ag-Analytics.Org™ with the John Deere Operations Center allows you to securely integrate your precision-ag data to extract deeper intelligence with the Ag-Analytics™ risk tools.

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Crop Insurance

We strive to be your all-in-one information resource on crop insurance. Better yet, all of our information and tools are free! Start exploring to learn more about your crop insurance options today!

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Crop Insurance Premium Calculator
and What-IF Analyzer

Check out what your premium will be for your next farming cycle, and while your at it play around with our What-IF Analyzer to see when your insurance will pay off, and when it won't.

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Our calculator has been reviewed by the United States Department of Agriculture - Risk Management Agency.


Easily understand the pros and cons of each plan, and how much each costs.

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Get a quote estimate instantly, at the click of a button. Integrate with the Operations Center to get an estimate for all your fields easily.

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Use the calculator as many times as you want, this one's on us.

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Our mission is to empower farmers in leveraging precision data to rapidly make better management decisions.
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Our tools automatically integrate and clean all the messy data out there to provide quick and useful analytics to farmers. Farmers are busy. We pull this together for them so they don't have to.

Lots of Data

We house a lot of data, providing farmer's with efficient tools to get real-time feeds about their fields, from weather, to RMA insurance estimates, to satellite imagery.

Excellent Features

We build easy to use and informative tools to provide advanced insights, check in on your fields, and more without the time commitment from you.

Save Your Information

You can create an account to save your fields, run custom insurance and risk scenarios, and even integrate with your John Deere equipment through the Operations Center, all in a few simple and secure clicks. Next time you log in, pick right up where you left off.

Integrate with Operations Center!

Integrate with John Deere Operations Center

Securely use your data from the John Deere Operations Center in Ag-Analytics™ tools to easily analyze soil and weather on your fields, calculate crop insurance scenarios and more. Rest assured that your data are secure, protected, and will never be sold.

Integrate with Operations Center!

Manage Your Risk

We provide crop insurance information to give you the resources needed to make an informed decision of whether crop insurance is right for you.

University Roots

Born at a university, we understand the Land Grant University system. Our goal is to provide you and your partners with analytics as efficiently as possible.