About AG-ANALYTICS™ farm management platform and services - where FARM DATA MEETS BIG DATA™.

Precise Field Data Integration for Farmers and Growers.™


The AG-ANALYTICS™ farm management platform offers a variety of services and data products.

The AG-ANALYTICS™ Vision to Transform Farm Management

Feeding the world is a simultaneously complex and urgent mission with millions of fields, billions of acres and stakeholders with their own agendas: Farmers, researchers, university extensions and their growers, deeply-vested insurance companies and diverse agribusinesses offering a wide range of vital products and services. Serving them all requires engaging everyone. Here’s how we do it.


For farmers, researchers, university extensions and business, data integration and governance is difficult. The AG-ANALYTICS™ platform brings farmers, universities, industry and government together with our combined Cornell research roots, long standing business relationships, and multiyear technology development runway make AG-ANALYTICS™ a unique company. We aim to help our users make better management decisions, increase yield and mitigate risk by understanding both. Our platform leverages public/private partnerships to build-out a global footprint. AG-ANALYTICS™ HARVESTS AND PUTS DATA TO WORK™.

AG-ANALYTICS™ FARMSCOPE™ APIs, Plot Mapping Tool and System

Use the AG-ANALYTICS™ FARMSCOPE™ APIs, agricultural plot mapping tool and system to easily zoom down and find your fields, and pull in a variety of real-time and historical data on your plots. This tool serves up a variety of useful information to help you better manage your plots including historical maps of historical planting estimates, soil data, real-time and historical weather data and more. These layers can also be pushed back to your John Deere Operation Center for easy and secure data transfer.


Use the AG-ANALYTICS™ FIELDALERTS™ weather alerts to receive real time alerts on your field. Stay up to date with what happening on your ground with FieldAlerts™ customized severe weather alerts. FieldAlert weather alerts can be viewed throu

AG-ANALYTICS™ FIELDMANAGER™ Farm Records Database System

Use the AG-ANALYTICS™ FIELDMANAGER™ farm database system to manage your plots, record practice data, and analyze your historical records. The AG-ANALYTICS™ FIELDMANAGER™ farm database system can link with the John Deere Operations Center to securely automate transfer of your farm and plot level records, allowing you to better and more efficiently manage your farm.

The AG-ANALYTICS™ FARMCONDITIONSLIVE™ Live Field and Regional Conditions Monitoring System

Use the AG-ANALYTICS™ FARMCONDITIONSLIVE™ live regional field conditions monitoring system to see NDVI, and to report and see summaries of real-time pest conditions and price conditions for similar farms in your area. The system provides real-time data like NDVIsurveys growers like you and aggregates responses to give participating growers better insight into what is happening in their area. Only users who elect this feature and participate in the reporting recieve access to the results. Only statistical summaries will be released to other participating users like you, your actual survey responses and identity will be confidential. This service and system will be available through our mobile application (coming soon) and our your account on our website.

AG-ANALYTICS™ AGDB™ APIs, Developer Portal and Research Database

Use the AG-ANALYTICS™ AGDB™ APIs, developer portal and research database to automate scale your analyses. This tool is primarily intended for academic researchers as well as farm analysts. We compile a variety of public datasets and house them on our big data system which updates continuously, allowing users to easily access data at-scale without all the hard work of scraping and restructuring raw data. We have an extensive data catalog with hundreds of thousands of data series and items and billions and billions of records.