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Ever wonder what type of soil your field has on it? FarmScope® lets you find your fields and view satellite, risk, soil, precipitation data and more FREE! Purchase additional tools and services to expand your analysis and farm management such as:

Create profit maps with our customizable ProfitLayers™ tool, 30 Days Free and only $0.01/acre/month thereafter. This tool pulls in as-seeded/harvested/applied operation files and combines with our proprietary price database to create profit maps and summaries. Easily change prices/files, then push your ProfitLayers™ back to John Deere Operations Center.

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to Ag-Analytics

The Ag-Analytics farm management platform offers a variety of free-to-use and paid services and data products through Precise Field Data Integration for farmers and growers. Our tools automatically integrate and clean all the messy data out there to provide quick and useful analytics to farmers.