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Polaris Soils Data

Polaris is a recently developed soil data set that provides additional soil attributes, available here.

Average value for field:


Crop Land Data

Crop Land Data Layers, also known as CDLs, are published by USDA and provide estimates of historical crops cover.

Total acres:



SSURGO Soil type data from USDA-NRCS.

The average NCCPI value for this field is 0.55.


Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, also known as NDVI, is a measure of the level of greenness inferred by the eMODIS Aqua satellite dataset from NASA. It is updated daily.


Growing Degree Days

Growing degrees days are cumulative sum of degrees above 50°F. The more growing degree days, the hotter the growing season. This graph shows accumulation to date compared to historical norms and is updated daily.


Precipitation Data

Precipitation data. This graph shows accumulated precipitation to date compared to historical norms. These data are updated daily.


Corn Yield Early Season Forecasts, non-irrigated (BETA)

Corn Yield Forecasts are for non-irrigated corn and based on historical and real-time weather, soil, and other condition data. Forecasts take approximately 10 seconds to generate.

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