Profit Tool

Let us do some of the work.

The Ag-Analytics Profit Layers™ Tool pulls in as-seeded/harvested/applied operation files and combines with our proprietary price database to create profit maps and summaries. Easily change prices/files, then push your ProfitLayers™ back to John Deere Operations Center. Use this tool to help plan your production, identify areas for change, and more.

How does it work?

ec459155-2e5a-402b-824f-0928d569ba77.png Integrate or reintegrate with John Deere Operations Center.
7f924fc5-dffa-49cc-b142-dc47f01a3dd8.png Login or create an Ag-Analytics Account.

Try the Profit Layers™ Tool for a limited amount of uses before you will be prompted to start a Free Trial or purchase.

30 day free trial

$0.01 per acre
Monthly Subscription

Start Now

Start by integrating or reintegrating with John Deere Operations Center. Then visit FarmScope to view your field(s). Once you have selected or drawn your field, scroll to the Profit Tool section to begin.

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