Crop Insurance Advantage


Crop insurance helps producers manage risk. In exchange for annual premiums, crop insurance plans provide payments called "indemnities" when yields or revenues fall below covered levels.

Single Crop Insurance Calculator

This tool calculates the most common insurance plans, Revenue Protection, Yield Protection, and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion. Most farmer's will choose one of these options when insuring a crop.

Single Crop

Whole Farm Insurance Calculator

This tool calculates premiums for RMA's relatively new insurance option, Whole-Farm Revenue Protection. Ideal for farmers growing multiple crops of different kinds.


Crop Insurance Pays Off

Thinking about insuring your harvest? We have resources to help you understand your options. Have a look at our crop insurance materials page to read more about crop insurance options.

When you decide to take your search to the next level, contact your local crop insurance agent and they can give you more information, or get you set up with a policy.

Crop Insurance Information RMA Agent Locator


Listen to what other farmers have to say about crop insurance, and whether they think it is worth it for their farm.

We use crop insurance on every insurable crop. We rely on it a fair amount to help manage risk. There hasn’t been any one year in particular that we feel it hasn’t been worthwhile. It’s been worthwhile every year.

Gianforte Farm

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I can say I would highly recommend crop insurance. I haven’t been through the whole year yet, but I would highly recommend it.

Stoltzfus Farm

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Expenses have gone up. It’s not that we want to use the insurance. We’d rather get the crop in. You make a lot more money getting the crop in, than by filing a claim for crop insurance. But it still covers part of your loss.

Allen Farm

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Dan Sievert
I have always had 65% insurance and now I have gone up to 70% after this past year. It has cost me more money but it has saved me along the way. For the few claims that I have had, I have gotten more money back than what I have paid for premiums.

Sievert Farm

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