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Ag-Analytics® harvests and puts data to work.

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Connecting Ag-Analytics® with the John Deere Operations Center allows you to securely integrate your precision-ag data to extract deeper intelligence with Ag-Analytics® tools and mapping services to push map layers back to the John Deere Operations Center.

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National Corn Growers Association Rating Study

As part of the required steps to create new insurance products, we are asking farmers to confidentially share data for a data analysis and rating study.

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Ag-Analytics® is partnering with Universities to exchange ideas and perspectives between researchers and our subject matter experts.

Joint Efforts

Ag-Analytics® has the subject matter experts and system, while researchers are at the cutting edge of analytics thinking. Combining the two has unlimited possibilities.

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Important Studies

The research being done will span across many important areas of agriculture with the intent to help farmers mitigate risk, combat volatile weather, and more.

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